Tips for Choosing Buffet Lamps for Your Home Decoration

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One of the advantageous aspects of buffet lamp is its small footprint and smart slim shape that consumes a trivial space of your room. With wide verities of designs, heights and shades these days, other than homes, buffet lamps are top preferred in restaurants, commercial places, and small offices. Aside from their highly smart decorative look, the latest versions of buffet lighting is ideally used in commercial kitchens and office since it won’t take much space and creates a cool atmosphere that people love. Given that, the lighting accessory can illuminate only a small area downward, if you are looking for enough or extended lighting sources, it would not be an ideal choice for you.

Tips to Choose Most Matching Buffet Lamps for Home Decoration

Choosing Lamp Height

Even though the usual height of a buffet lamp is 32 to 36 inches (that includes from the base to the top part of the shade) however, today they are available with larger and shorter versions also. This extends the scope of using them beside sofa set table, living room, next to bedroom dressers, hall console table, or library. The sort versions are available in 24 to 30 while the taller can be 48 or upper. So, in your home décor plan, considering where you like to place them choose the ideal size of the lamps. However, always go by the thump rule that the bottom of the shade must be up to the eye level especially when you are using it for reading purpose to avoid the eye straining glare of its inside bulb.

Choosing Lamp Pedestal

Unlike table or accent lamps, the most distinctive parts of a buffet lamp are its base and the pedestal that holds the shade. Typically made of high class brass metals, bases are fantastically crafted by great artisans and pneumatic mechanisms and can simply make your guests awestruck of their smart, elegant, and stylish looks. Consider heavy-duty durable stands and make sure that the small foot is weighty enough to withstand the slender lamp without having a problem. Brass which is a blend of alloy, copper, and zinc and is top sought after when it comes to lighting accessories or home decorative tools. They are corrosion resistant, never crack even after long-term use, and stay sparkling through generations.

 Choosing the Shade

The third area is the shade of the buffet lamp that needs your diligent consideration. The first decisive factor is whether to buy a translucent or opaque, which you should ponder considering the purpose of use. In transparent shades, you can get color choices including cream, while, beige or golden that typically spread light outward due to its transparency as well as downward and upward directions. In a word, they can be fantastic choice to use as ambient lighting that transform your bedroom serene, relaxing, and romantic. The dark shades are available in colors such as navy blue, black, burgundy, metal finish and others. Apart from lighting up your buffet table or reading desk with downward lighting, they also direct toward the ceiling. Choosing the shape of the shade also influences the décor and its parity with the pedestal.

Choosing the Watt

Standard buffet lamp comes with 75 or less wattage of bulbs depending on the dimensional width of the shade that enclose them. For shorter versions, the standard is 60 watt or less while the tallest one can even include 100 to 150 watt lamps that needs wide span of shades. When it is meant for ambient boost up, choose a lower rating watt and tools with dimmers, however, for using for buffet table or bedroom dresser, you may require a higher wattage.

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House of Troy Floor Lamps: Lights where you need them, with Style

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There are many spots and spaces in your home that need task lighting. A work table, a reading corner, the bedside, and many other such places benefit from light fixtures that provide task lighting. A floor lamp is one product that is chosen widely to provide such lighting solutions. From mere functional pieces, floor lamps today have become an integral part of interior design and decor, in addition to providing necessary illumination to dark corners or areas that need focused lighting. House of Troy is a leading manufacturer and brand that offers some scintillating products of this kind. Read more about them, and what they have to offer.

Product Assortment

The product assortment of floor lamps by House of Troy includes more than 60 designs in varied, sizes, shapes, and with multiple features. The brand introduces new products from time to time, and here are some latest additions to the collection.

  • Burke – The burke floor lamps features a simple design that fits well into classic, and contemporary homes alike. The fixture showcases hardrcore gemoteric styling, and comes with a square base and a box shaped shade in White Hardback Linen. Burke is finished in Oil Rubbed Bronze, and can also be customized in Polished Nickel for a contemporary appeal. The product is CA Title 20 compliant when purchased with CFL.
  • Hardwick – This floor lamp is a product with elegant, traditional styling. This six way lamp comes with a telescopic stand set atop a circular base, and is fitted with a conical shade in Off White Linen Hardback. The contrasting baseplate and accents lend a unique beauty to this light fixture. Hardwick is available in two finishes – Antique Brass with Brown Leather, and Satin Nickel with Black Leather. The floor lamp is also available in the torchiere style with an upward facing, semicircular white glass shade, and as a pharmacy floor lamp with metal shade and adjustable arms.

  • Rupert – The Rupert floor lamp has a classic styling as Burke. The base is made of a unique, concentric circle design in contrasting finishes. The metallic stand too is enhanced by contrasting accents. The conical shade is made from Off White Linen Hardback, and lends a sophisticated touch to the design of the floor lamp. Rupert is available in four finishes – Chestnut Bronze with Weathered Brass accents, Black with Satin Nickel accents, Graphite with Satin Nickel Accents, and White with Weathered Brass accents.
  • Kirby – The Kirby floor lamp comes in two variants – one an LED adjustable floor lamp, and the other an LED three light floor lamp in a staggered design. Both the designs come with a circular baseplate and conical metal shades. While the single light Kirby lamp features a bent design, the three light Kirby stands tall in a straight fashion. Both these floor lamps are available in Black, Grey, and White finishes.

Why House of Troy

There are many reasons why floor lamps by this brand are great additions to your home.

  • These floor lamps do many things at once. They provide high-quality light, and add to the style element of a room. They are extremely affordable and do not burn a hole in your pocket.
  • These floor lamps are created by some of the best lighting designers in the world, and hence are able to bring style, sophistication, and the right lighting to any home. These lights are able to balance the many demands placed on them with style and grace.
  • House of Troy floor lamps are versatile and boast of a sheer variety that makes them a fit in any place where light is lacking. Be it in living rooms, craft rooms, bedrooms, basements, or other dark spots in your home, you can place these floor lamps without second thoughts.
  • Many of these light fixtures exude a country-casual feel. They balance elegance with a rustic look, add a touch of style, and look great in any room. Whether you want to create an air of sophistication in your office space, accentuate a space in your home, or put a stunning centerpiece in any room, a floor lamp by this brand is just what you need.
  • All of these, and House of Troy also offers you the best quality construction in their products. They are built using high-quality materials and techniques, which make them function for a very long time.

When in need of a product that matches style, elegance, functionality, and durability, opt for a House of Troy floor lamp. This product not only is great in lending you lighting where you need it, but also stays with you for many years to come.

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Carve Out Unique Look for Your Space with Hubbardton Forge Sconces

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Want to carve-out a unique look for your space? Opt for Hubbardton Forge Sconces and set the stage for fine design. Your dear ones will be spellbound with the sconce lights and lighting fixtures that range from utilitarian to industrial style. Moreover, you may get contemporary and modern style including decorative embellishments such as sophisticated silhouettes, glass panels and colored glass. Let’s check out in this regard a few Hubbardton Forge Sconces:

 Small Outdoor Sconce – If you have a small outdoor space, you may purchase small exterior sconces from Hubbardton. The riveted spun metal shade of this lighting fixture offers an industrial look to your décor. The high level craftsmanship of this illumination bestows an exceptional appeal to your dear ones. However, the choice you make for bulbs can change the look of this lighting fixture from industrial to contemporary one. This has a direct exterior wall with metal shades and it is created by hand by skilled artisans. Nevertheless, before making the purchase, you must check out whether this illumination comes with a lifetime warranty or not. You can get this sconce as per your desired dimensions of height, width and projection. Prior to order placement, you should check out the product weight, backplate dimensions as well as the vertical mounting height. This light offers incandescent Lamping in medium socket. Nonetheless, you may not get the bulbs along with the assortment. Get this shimmering collection from Hubbardton Forge and enliven your small outdoor space in a stunning way.

 Sphere Hubbardton Forge Sconce – This is another marvellous collection from Hubbardton Forge. The glass sphere is covered with brass on either end, suspended within the black steel ball. The inner tube housing the light is available in frosted glass and stainless net cover for carving out a distinct look. You will often get this illumination in black finish with brass accent and clear glass shade. Crafted by hand, this comes with a lifetime warranty while installed in a residential setting. You may get your customized dimensions for this creation. The bulbs may not be included if you place orders from an online store. However, there is nothing to worry. You can always purchase the bulbs from your nearest store. Get this wonderful sconce and liven up the mood of your loved ones.

 City View LED Sconce – Buy this Hubbardton Forge Sconce to get an amazing city scape view regardless of wherever you live. The handmade design of the illumination bestows an impression of skyscraper silhouettes, sparkling off a waterfront. Ideal for bath vanity applications, this illumination is striking enough for entertaining and dining spaces. You may select a finish for the fixture frame and back plate as well as an accent finish for accent rods for this creation. This is made by hand by expert artisans, offering a lifetime warranty while installed in residential set up. Choose your desired dimensions, including the height, length and projection. It is also important to check out the product weight, backplate dimensions, horizontal mounting height, packed weight and shipping weight while placing an order online.

 Airy Large Sconce – This is a superb collection to delight your special ones in a breathtaking way. If you take a quick look at this illumination, you will be convinced that the wall sconce is rising upward. There is an overwhelming sense of lightheartedness and drive to the configure and it offers a light and exclusive design. You may get a direct wire wall sconce with varied options. Created by hand by expert artisans, the illumination offers a limited lifetime warranty if installed in a residential setup. You can get customized height, width and projection if you place an order online. However, don’t forget to consider the product weight, backplate, vertical mounting height, packed weight and the shipping weight while placing an online order. The illumination provides Incandescent Lamping in Halogen socket. Nevertheless, you may not get the bulbs included with the assortment.

So why are you waiting for? Browse through the online stores and place order for your desired Hubbardton Forge Sconces. Choose the best light fixture and add brightness to your space. Varieties of designs for the sconces are available online. So, opt for the best matching your interior décor and exterior space and overwhelm your acquaintances. You may also send Hubbardton Forge Sconces as gifts to your dear ones on their special days. Whether its birthday, anniversary, housewarming or any special occasion in life, these illuminations carve out a unique appeal and have the power to toast any celebration in a magnificent way.

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Hubbardton Forge Pendants: Five Pendants that Bring Home the Industrial Charm

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In the class of ceiling light fixtures, pendant lights play an important role. A miniature and downsized version of the ornate chandelier, light pendants provide ambient as well as task lighting solutions. From living rooms to hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and even outdoor spaces, these light fixtures find use in almost any place in the house. Lighting pendants today are available in wide range of sizes, shapes, and colors. They draw inspiration from diverse source and comply with specific themes of interior design and décor. Hubbardton Forge is a widely popular brand of lighting fixtures. The company offers an exciting and versatile collection of pendant lights for indoor as well as outdoor areas. The Hubbardton Forge pendants are characterized by hand forged, wrought iron designs, combined with glass and fabric shades, which lend a relaxing feel to any space. Of the different product ones on offer, the industrial style is a fairly popular one. Pendant lights created around this theme rely extensively on metal and machine inspired designs to create an exposed, unfinished feel that is characteristic of the industrial style.

We take a look at Five distinct pendant lights from the range of industrial lights by Hubbardton Forge.

1 – Apparatus

Apparatus is a mini pendant that blends contemporary and hardcore industrial style for a clean and sleek design. The pendant vaguely reminds one of the conical flasks found in laboratories. The upper part of the fixture, which functions as the base, is made from metal while the lower part, which functions as the shade, uses a clear glass. Apparatus can be customized in the following finishes – Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Black, and Natural Iron. The pendant uses an incandescent light source and is sloped ceiling adaptable up to 45 degrees.

2 – Divergence

Versatility in design is what sets Hubbardton Forge apart from its peers. The Divergence light pendant stands testimony to the capabilities of the brand’s designers and artisans in creating fixtures that are nothing less than striking focal points in any setting. This light pendant showcases a stark geometric design of wire frames, at the end of which are placed Edison tube bulbs in frosted globes. The product can be customized to suit your choice of coastal finish – Coastal Black, Coastal Natural Iron, Coastal Mahogany, Coastal Bronze, Dark Smoke, and Coastal Burnished Steel.

3 – Landscape

This pendant is a crossover of sleek contemporary styling and rugged industrial design. Landscape draws inspiration from the different layers of earth and brings to life, the different strata of stone and soil, with its horizontal bands of steel. The LED bulbs that glow at its core remind one of the magma simmering right below a volcano peak. Crafted using red hot, but un-molten metal, Landscape is available in the following finishes – Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel, Black, and Natural Iron.

4 – Finn

Finn is a mash up of rustic and industrial styles. The light fixture deconstructs a wooden bushel basket and reimagines it with steel slats that give a good idea of the form in play. The pendant uses an opal glass and comes in Dark Smoke finish that can be customized to Mahogany, Bronze, Burnished Steel, Black, or Natural Iron. Finn use an incandescent light source and comes with an adjustable stem and canopy kit.

5 – Aperture

Aperture is just the kind of multi-light pendant that you need over a kitchen island to add some industrial styled drama. It features handcrafted plates of steel that are skillfully welded onto a slim metal band, which in turn is attached to a textured steel back plate. Inside this structure are housed five incandescent bulbs that glow from behind glass diffusers. Aperture comes with an adjustable cable stem and canopy kit, and is slope ceiling adjustable to 45 degrees.

Industrial styled light pendants from Hubbardton forge are a versatile addition in any space. These handcrafted products exude an unmatched charm that elevates the look and feel of any home instantly.

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Troy Lighting Chandeliers Will Make Living Rooms Lively and Sparkling

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Use Chandeliers to Augment the Interior Charm

Chandeliers are the most attractive lighting fixtures and by installing the same one can phase in exquisiteness inside areas such as the living room or the lobby/corridor areas of commercial structures. The graceful finish gives out a sparkling light that emits all over the area. There will not be any unwanted shimmer or sharp light rays that will make you rather uncomfortable.

During the bygone days, candle lights or similar incandescent lights were the source for lighting chandeliers. However, these days, fluorescent or LED lights are commonly used. Due to blending of creativity with the modern technology, currently, you can see electric bulbs that resemble candles. You can find such innovatively created chandeliers in the present market and several options are present for you to choose in particular. You can find different models with distinctive shapes and designs which radiates extremely different lighting effects. Hence, you must try to get a definite idea about the space where you plan to fix the small chandelier and about the light requirement. You must consider the significance of the space, apart from the height, length, and width. Only then can you pick the most fitting one. Remember, choosing the wrong piece will not only be a mismatch but will also stand out. Thus the ambiance will lose its charm; to avoid this, you must pay keen attention while selecting chandeliers. It will be prudent to choose quality lighting solutions like Troy Lighting chandeliers; such fixtures will be worth the money you spend.

Troy Lighting Chandeliers

Troy Lighting possesses more than five decades of experience in the lighting business. Due to this intense familiarity with the varied tasks of the manufacturing process of light fixtures, the company has become a professional expert in the field. The rich pool of specialized craftsmen and technicians who take their profession earnestly and attach a special passion for the same is yet another aspect that paves the way for the success of the company. Consequently, the company is all the more operational; the Troy lighting products authenticate this.


Troy Lighting chandeliers have already captured the attention of all segments of customers. The pleasing appearance is the most striking thing of this product; everyone will feel at ease just by seeing the inherent glamor of this light fixture. Besides, they are fully functional and will generate a uniform brilliance across the room. By using these ornamental lighting items, you can add class and unfading grace within the main areas of your residence or office. Practically, there will be an upbeat atmosphere throughout the area, which can spread cheer.

For example, your living room can become lively when you install a magnificently designed 3-tier or 4-tier Troy Lighting chandelier, depending on the size of the room. The eye-catching nature of the unit will add charm to the space. You can find a plethora of different models of chandeliers under the banner of Troy Lighting, which include the conventional ones with engraved rustic exquisiteness and the most contemporary styles. In each of these varieties, there are numerous types and sizes. This wide option gives you the leeway to pick the most suitable one for your specific lighting task.

Buy Troy Lighting Chandeliers Online

In our time, the best way to buy chandeliers is by using the internet portals. Almost all leading lighting vendors have their own websites, which are easily navigable. The most desirable part of this shopping method is that you can do all the related tasks including the selection of products and the payment method without any bother. Even a short internet search will fetch different models. Moreover, online shopping is more practical and effective because you will be able to buy the exact items that would suit you without any physical effort. Yet another advantage is that you can avoid the ‘middlemen charge’, and there will be attractive trade discounts.

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The Joy of Lighting by Hubbardton Forge

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Handmade products crafted by skilled workers remain highly coveted by buyers, even in the age of computer-controlled manufacturing. Buyers appreciate the fact that two similar handmade products will have some slight differences owing to the craftsperson’s work. Hubbardton Forge understands the appeal of hand-made furnishing. The firm, based out of Vermont, specializes in fully handmade lighting fixtures since its founding more than forty years ago. While many manufacturers make a virtue of their products being untouched by human hands during production, Hubbardton Forge proudly stakes ownership of human skill and even offers a very generous lifetime limited warranty on all its models. In-house designers are employed to keep the idea factory humming along, providing fresh designs for the craftsmen to work on. The firm also has a specialty custom department, dedicated to making one-off light installations for demanding customers. Currently Hubbardton Forge is focusing on creating LED lit fixtures which can be easily reused even for a long time by swapping out the light element. Previously artisanal makers often preferred to leave the LED revolution alone because many fixtures seemed to be doomed to replacement if the built-in LED failed. With swappable LEDs, Hubbardton Forge lighting fixtures can now truly last for lifetimes. The firm also has design partnerships with handmade glass makers and modular switch manufacturers to propagate its hand forged pieces across new segments.

Hubbardton Forge mainly manufactures chandeliers, pendants, ceiling mounted lights, wall and bath sconces, floor and table lamps, specialty outdoor fixtures and bath accessories. Let’s take a look at the collection in more detail.

Dining Room Chandeliers

The chandeliers made by Hubbardton Forge do not fit any particular design category. Both traditional and contemporary designs can be found here. The fine quality of the metal work stands out in the traditionally designed chandeliers with their sweeping and tapered arms. Traditional pieces range from small chandeliers with three lights to grand chandeliers with eighteen lights. Modern design influences can be seen in fixtures like Corona, New Town and Orb. The chandeliers appear to be built with the aim of being impressive visually even when the lights are turned off. The chandeliers can be customized with a variety of metal finishes like Natural Iron, Mahogany, Bronze, Dark Smoke, Burnished Steel and Black and glass options like Opal, Stone and Pearl.

Dining Room Chandeliers

Pendant Lights

Hubbardton Forge’s innovative metal smiths come to the fore in the pendant light category. The firm designs its products to mold the light output using the elements in the fixture, rather than having a special reflector. So fixtures like Celesse, Folio, Triptic and Autumn innovatively use LEDs along with delicately shaped metal elements for a beautiful appearance. The smaller pendant lights can be used singly to light up reading niches or to draw attention to the decor, while the large pendants are used in kitchen dining areas and small bars to increase the style quotient.

Pendant Lights

Ceiling-mounted fixtures

Flush and semi-flush ceiling mounted fixtures are often installed with the aim of putting function above form, with minimal emphasis on design. Not so with Hubbardton Forge, as the firm offers fully scaled versions of its popular pendant lights for direct installation. Collections like Bento and Kirigami show the Asian influence with delicately shaped light shades. Acharn, Forged Leaves and Presidio collections are more traditionally styles with minimal metal and more space for the glass element.

Ceiling-mounted fixtures

Floor Lamps

Hubbardton Forge has over thirty different floor lamps on offer. These lamps have designs ranging from minimalistic, ornate metalwork to sweeping avant-garde design pieces. Simple Lines, Twist Basket and Forged Leaves are straight floor lamps with stylish metal decorative elements forged into the design. Rook, Metamorphic and Stasis floor lamps offer sweeping curves with very thing metalwork. Arbo and Balance could be called the designer’s homage to modern art and these lamps could stand alone as works of art. Adjustable models are also available like Reach, Disq and Henry.

Floor Lamps

Outdoor Fixtures

Hubbardton Forge’s work seems well-suited for outdoor installation. The firm’s strong forged metal fixtures with treated finishes handle the onslaught of wind, sun and rain with ease. These fixtures lay more emphasis on rustic design- borrowing influences from lighting used in America before the introduction of electricity. Beacon, Halo, Mason and Meridian are some such pieces. Contemporary design is reflected in the Ethos, Twilight and Fuse fixtures which combine straight lines and minimal metalwork with a large glass area.

Outdoor Fixtures

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Arroyo Craftsman – Beautifully Crafted Lighting Options

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Lighting plays an important part in deciding the ambience and beauty of any interior space. In order to make a room look bright and cheerful it is necessary to opt for well-crafted lighting accessories. Most interior designers realize this and use the best possible lighting accessories available within your budget. It can be slightly confusing to choose the right lighting options from among the large number of brands available in the market and the best way to decide on one brand is to conduct a thorough research on the internet. This is because most companies producing and marketing lighting accessories have their own user friendly websites which provide complete information about their products.

You can compare several such websites and short list 3-4 of them. Once this is done, it is advisable to call up the companies with the help of the contact information mentioned on the websites. Asking a few pertinent questions to the staff of the company will help you single out a company you want to opt for. It is a surety that if you conduct such a research you will find that Arroyo Craftsman Arroyo Craftsman – Beautifully Crafted Lighting Optionsis a company creating lighting accessories which stands out from the rest in the market. The well-crafted lighting fixtures by this company are not only very stylish but also well known for providing excellent illumination. This company is well known for following the tradition of yesteryears and this is why their designs have a rustic feel.

Lighting is not just a necessity in the interiors, but nowadays outdoors lighting has become equally important. The concept of outdoor lighting has changed over the years and people are focusing on this aspect to create a perfect exterior look. People consider home décor as an investment nowadays. This investment pays off in the form of adulation won from visitors as well as the warm and homely feeling that the inhabitants of a home get from the décor. Lighting is well used by designers nowadays in order to highlight the major aspects of a home.

Blend of Style and Illumination

The lights crafted by Arroyo can be found in many iconic buildings like Frank Lloyd Wright. Due to the fact that these lighting accessories are well known for offering a blend of proper illumination with style many home owners who want a stylish home décor are opting for them. Both interiors as well as exteriors get beautifully lit up with them. Some of the options available with Arroyo Craftsman are security fixtures, outdoor pendants, pathway lights, sconces, barbeque lights and many others. As these lights are in vogue most of the good interior designers suggest their use in homes as well as commercial set ups.

Artistic Designs Providing Landscaping Solutions

If you want to get landscaping done in your home exterior then it is necessary to invest in the right lighting options from Arroyo Craftsman or Northeast Lantern. Nowadays, the lighting fixtures offer low voltage or solar outdoor lighting are becoming quite popular. At night when these light fixtures are illuminated they create a great ambience and are great for people who like to spend evenings or nights in the backyard or patio. These lighting fixtures are also used to provide accent to some important points of the garden and make them stand apart from the rest of the area. Such lighting creates the perfect ambience to enjoy a balmy, soft evening with family or friends.

Diffused Lighting for a Romantic Ambience

Many people use diffused lights for a subtle mood. You can create mystique charm by using diffused lights with the rustic fixtures by Arroyo. This company provides an extensive range of entryway lanterns, post mounts, outdoor ceiling solutions and much more. Raw material like brass and copper is used to create these lighting fixtures. Some of them are also designed to have a rustic charm with a weather worn look, while others are finished in a factory with the help of acid patinas. They are available in pewter black, mission brown and many other patinas. Hence it can be said that Arroyo craftsman offers a lot of choices for the home owner to choose from in order to enhance the look of their home interiors as well as exteriors and make them appealing and attractive.

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