Find Out All about Sonneman Lighting Fixtures and the Choices You Have

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Light Fixture Manufacturing Companies Launches New Products Periodically

Of late, people have become very much willful in making their domicile eye-catching; they do this by performing the related interior and exterior decoration works in smart and tidy ways. As a part of this focused planning, they give due care to the process of lighting. Giving apposite and trendy ways of lighting is one of the ways of phasing in attractiveness within indoors and outdoors. Precisely in tune with this general proclivity, manufacturing companies like Sonneman keenly adapt themselves and launch novel light fixture from time to time. Indeed, this is a key benefit; buyers are getting various options. They can enjoy the practical convenience of adequate alternatives. In our time, it is quite easy to procure a matching light fixture that is required to dress up a particular area; the present market holds a plethora of diverse light fixtures.

Matters to Note While Purchasing Light Fittings

•  You must buy from a top rated, dependable dealer.

•  You have to make sure that you are getting the ‘free-shipping’ facility which has become par for the course of online buying.

•  Many of the leading dealers provide price guarantee; ensure that you are also getting the same.

•  Volume/trade discounts are yet another allure; don’t miss it.

•  The option to return the goods is a tangible proof of reliability. Make sure that your dealer offers the same.

Find Out All about Sonneman Lighting Fixtures and the Choices You Have

Some of the top rated commercial lighting fixtures manufacturing companies such as Sonneman use their technical expertise and artistic talents to create classic products. Thus, the produced products become exactly in tune with the prevailing trend. For this, they make use of the latest available hi-tech inputs. You can find out all about Sonneman lighting fixtures and the choices you have by visiting the websites of the leading dealers who trade such items. Here, a point that is worthy of note is that all established companies are aware of the present market demand. They try to design cute looking light fixtures that will match with modern interior and exterior spaces. Such companies work with clear R&D principles and objectives, and design the models exactly in sync with the current customers’ need and desire.

Top companies invest time and money to produce unique light fixtures and classify their products in accordance with the entailed designing; the popular classifications are ‘architectural’, ‘contemporary’, or ‘urban edge’ styles. There will be an array of exclusive products. Nevertheless, though the products will be the standard light fixtures like alluring ‘pendants’, ‘sconces’, ‘LLD luminaries’, ‘table lamps (’, ‘floor lamps’, ‘task lights’, etc., the designing approaches will be totally different. The best bet to find out all about Sonneman Lighting fixturesFind Out All about Sonneman Lighting Fixtures and the Choices You Have (2) and the choices you have is to enter the websites trustworthy traders who sell those products.

Fix Modern Light Fixtures and Give a Genuine Fashionable Touch Your House


Pendants add up the existing allure of related interior spaces; when you hang a cute looking pendant, the area gets an authentic facelift. Having said that, you must go for first-rate pedants, created by top companies like Sonneman Lighting. This is crucial, because, substandard products will not yield proper results.


Matching sconces enhance the basic beauty of the connected light arrangement. As you can fix this directly on the wall, perfectly aligned with the nature of the space, it will produce a direct effect on the adjacent areas. The only thing you will have to take care is to fix a properly designed product that goes well with the space. You can find simple one-light sconces, two-light sconces, 3 plus sconces, swing-arm sconces, and bath bars. You can pick in conformity with your exact requirement.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Modern-day bathrooms are poles apart from the traditional ones. In the bygone days, bathroom bedecking was not appropriate, albeit the occupants used the space all the time. Nobody gave the same significance to this area, as was given to the other parts of the same building like the living room, bedroom, kitchen, etc. In fact, no one expected the place to have the same perfect decorations as in the other parts of the building. Things have changed with the rolling of time, and these days, all people give equal importance to bathrooms also. Everybody makes sure to give good quality embellishments to these spaces, and lighting is one of the areas where absolute attention is given. Contemporary lighting dealers store alluring models of light fixtures that are suitable for bathrooms.

LLD Luminary

Fixing LLD luminaries that come in numerous sizes and qualities is a good way to bring in modishness within a building structure. This not only provides the required stream of light, but also makes the encircling ambience extremely marvelous.

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The Beauty of Modern Lights – Creating Different Looks for All Living Spaces

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The Love for Beauty is an Intrinsic Human Trait

The penchant for beauty is one of the genuine human fervors; in fact, it’s an intrinsic individual sentiment. Having said that, the intense crave for beauty is not restricted to merely one thing or a condition. This is pragmatically true as far as all human actions are concerned, and in particular, the way they create the diverse products they require. The passionate pine for prettiness is plainly perceptible in all human actions. This gets started from the basic social behaviors like dressing, to the way of designing the diverse products. The way humans build buildings is just a factual example of the emphasis given to the grandness and splendor.

Construction of a Building – Lighting the Interior and Exterior is Crucial

Of course, the beginning process of a building creation is the formation of the basic structure; however, only when you carry out certain other additional works on it, the same will become an inhabitable building. It is here we can see the real worth of interior and exterior embellishment works.

There will be various interior divisions in a building like the ‘living room’, ‘bedrooms’, ‘kid’s room’, ‘bathrooms’, ‘dining room’, ‘kitchen’, ‘balcony’,  ‘garage’, etc. Each of these areas is an integral part of the building and has specific functions. Likewise, the outdoor areas such as ‘patio’, yards‘, etc. of a building are also important. The bedecking process of all these areas is significant and will decide the general beauty of the building concerned. Lighting the interior and exterior areas is a crucial factor with regard to the overall ornamentation works of a building.

The Beauty of Modern Lights – Creating Different Looks for All Living Spaces

You can find a glut of diverse types of light fixtures in the current market. This makes the selection process easy. The common items include ‘chandeliers’, ‘foyer and hallway’, ‘ceiling fixtures’, ‘floor lamps’, ‘bath fixtures’, ‘pendants’, ‘table lamps’, ‘ceiling fans’, ‘wall sconces’, ‘area rugs’, and ‘outdoor lighting fixtures’. You can see different types and styles of all these light fittings such as purely traditional, modern, and contemporary. Because of this superfluity, benefits go to the buyers; they can find the exact solutions for their bedecking requirements.

For instance, the main purpose of ‘chandeliers’ during the initial days was just to decorate the hallway or living room Those days have just vanished; diverse styles of chandeliers are available in our time, so that you can fix them anywhere you like. You can hang the same even in kid’s room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathrooms. You will be able to transform the static ambience of your dining room by merely fixing a modish chandelier. To add up your convenience, top dealers store various sizes of chandeliers like small, medium, large, grand, and custom chandeliers.

Similarly, ‘pendants’ will add additional allure to your living room, as well as to the kitchen area. These days it is possible to procure special ‘island pendants’ which will fill the bill for kitchens. Here also, you can go for mini, small, medium, and large ones.

Remember, meticulously created modern ‘wall sconces’ will change the existing beauty of interior and exterior decoration. The availability of distinctive ‘wall sconces’ like the one that hold just one light, and the other models that can carry two to six lights is indeed a bonus. In some cases, like front and back sides of the building, you will require to fix three or four lights at the same point. Hence, these types of sconces will become handy.

The Beauty of Modern Lights - Creating Different Looks for All Living Spaces

Modern lights fixtures also include attractive ‘outdoor lighting (’; ‘outdoor hanging light fixtures’, eye-catching ‘wall mounts and sconces’, ‘outdoor posts’, ‘outdoor ceiling fixtures’, etc. are some of the items that will help you to make your outdoor area exceptionally marvelous.

It is the same situation with bathroom fixtures and ceiling fans. The easy availability of a good bundle of options will empower you to give proper and professional type of interior decoration works, both indoors and outdoors.

Leading Lighting Brands

Some of the top brands that are par for the course of the present-day lighting are ‘Besa Lighting’, ‘Dimond Lighting’, ‘ET2 Lighting’, ‘Corbett Lighting’, ‘Fanimation’, ‘CSL Lighting’, ‘Hubbardton Forge’, ‘Hudson Valley Lighting’, ‘Holtkoetter’, etc.

Points You Should Consider Before Buying Your Light Fixtures

•  Buy your light fittings from a reputed dealer.

•  Ensure to buy only top brands that offer proper guarantee.

•  Always go for economically priced fixtures.

•  Remember, professionally managed top online stores will give you ‘free shipping’ service.

Moreover, such companies will also provide the highly desired provision of ‘easy return’ and excellent volume/trade discounts.

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Getting the Most from Your Floor Lamps

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Floor lamps easily blend with all a set of décor items around, whether you are looking to create a slightly dramatic entrance in your foyer area or you want to create a soothing cocoon of light and shadow around your living area. Not just an alternate source of lighting, the floor lamps from Sonneman Lighting, are stunning pieces that can be used to create an interesting and striking set of visuals, at all times. As they come in a variety of styles and color, they can be easily used to create different types of aesthetics quite easily. Along with the beauty that is present in the design elements, that go into the styling of contemporary floor lamps, these are also well engineered. Ranging from wild modern floor lamps with funky glass deigns, to sleek modern floor lamp lighting with much more concise lines, there are endless choices for you to pick from. While these fashionable modern lamps are fairly attractive and vibrantly designed, they also offer hands-on usage. From giving you the light that you need to help you read, accomplish errands, these also brighten your room in a gorgeous manner.

Getting the Most from Your Floor Lamps

Perfect home to a lamp – The Study!

Study spaces hold a distinct space in every home. A combination of thought & style id required to navigate & pick the right floor lamp for the study. You can pick a sleek arc post lamp with reading light from George Kovacs, a piece that emits exemplified aura. Light here, not just brightens up, but elucidates the direction of life. Floor lamps are a great addition to any home; they shine, sparkle, glisten and brighten up any space with beaming beauty. Luxury with the stylish impact in these floor lamps is all set to make an everlasting splendid impression. Be it the oriental concepts of interior decoration or the contemporary creative home décor, they go perfectly with any kind of set up. Most exotic variety of latest floor lamps, comprises of the present day crystal art work, stylish statement pieces, leather coated masculine gaze, breezy aqua wrapped in serenity, Asian minimalist gaze, the classic French accent, traditional whites and much more, all set to dazzle the spectacle.

Deck up your home!

In an interesting way to deck up the foyer or the hall way of your home, you can place these floor lamps either near the stairs outside or just near the doorway. The beautiful contemporary floor lamps from ET2 Lighting, marvel at the beauty of your home and your décor choices. This also creates a great look when viewed from afar, the small base consumes very less space, but the floor lamps have a great impact. Similarly, a fairly interesting way to use floor lamps as décor items is to use them as an accent piece at a corner in your living room. Lighting up any unsung niche or corner of your house, these lamps are always an ideal décor element with utility. Floor lamps come in different heights, colors and shapes for a highly interesting look. To really add an edgy look to all of this, place these next to your couch. The only consideration here is that the floor lamp must be in sync in terms of color and décor theme of your seating arrangement.

Rule out the humdrum!

A great choice for the office too, the floor lamps not only offer a highly contemporary vibe, but also help you, make your space all the more brighter. These exclusive sparks of creativity are sheer delight to your eyes and the area. These attention grabbers boost your inner inclination towards artistic excellence. Offer your office a modish makeover with the artistic floor lamps. Uncluttered design and high quality, ensure, sheer majestic magnificence. Pair them with the designer bookends and the decorative statues, to give an unparalleled definition to your cabin. Ample choices for you to pamper your creative virtues, the wide variety of floor lamps ( enable you to put up a dramatic display. Ruling out the routine & mundane office spaces, the floor lamps let you explore more, when it comes to decorating ideas for your home or office space. Do not limit to your décor ideas, use your own creativity to pick up an item like floor lamp that offers both beauty & utility at one go. Embellish the interiors of your dream destination with the beaming beauty of floor lamps.

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Tips on Buying the Right Modern Light Fixture

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Any lighting accessory or fixture that you pick reflects your sense of décor. It works in direct reflection of who you are as a personal choice. These lighting fixtures can make a huge difference between a home that is dull and the one that is lit up in the best possible manner. Each décor element, speaks volumes of your outlook, your choice of light can make your home or office either look drab or fab. A great way to ensure that your home looks fab; it is more apt to keep in mind, what your home looks like. The brief description of your own home will always help you, in carefully picking out the correct lighting fixture as per the space, need, décor and preferences of your home. You also need to consider a whole host of pointers when you are picking a light that is apt for a particular space and is in accord with the rest of the ambiance and décor theme around. Some of these pointers are as follows:

Tips on Buying the Right Modern Light Fixture

Does the design compliment your taste and the rest of the space around?

While most homeowners do not always strictly conform to one particular style of lighting, they often pick up more than a few unique and distinctive lighting items. Considering the wide variety of lighting fixtures available at Besa Lighting, they may play up with a bit mix-and-match. Setting a contrast with the central theme of the design of your home, whether it’s based on décor styles, color schemes or an all-embracing theme that speaks of the person living there. Thus, one of the first things to keep in mind when you are buying lighting fixtures is whether or not that particular item makes sense as a piece in your home or office or any other room for that matter.

What is the purpose of this item?

Certain items, such as lights, have dual purposes. They can be used for decoration and can also be used as an alternate source of lighting. Lighting fixtures serve to be useful also, unlike other décor items that have a single purpose, which is décor itself. Being able to determine, how well a particular lighting fixture from DVI Lighting, will solve the purpose is another important consideration. Will the accessory, beautifully light up the space as well as add beauty to the place in correct proportions? The items that you are considering buying can really help you understand whether or not it is worth it to actually invest in it.

The correct positioning and quality!

You select a particular lighting accessory, out of the wide variety and your job is not over here. You also need to decide, looking at the numerous places in your home where a particular item can be placed. Along with the placement the quality and life of the fixture matters a lot, the materials that are used to create that particular fixture can determine a variety of factors. The durability of the item, how long will the light last and how will it look when placed in your home, the amount of time that it can stay looking new. When purchasing lighting items, it is extremely important to ensure that they are made from high quality materials that can ensure that the investment in these items is worth it. At the end of the day, they should be adding value to your home and not taking away from it. Thus, no matter where you are planning to buy lighting fixtures for your home from, it is important to take these points into consideration before committing to any piece.

Wide variety to choose from!

Made with high quality materials and are aesthetically pleasing, you can choose from the extensive collection of lighting products online. Items designed in a way that ensures that they look great no matter what design scheme you are incorporating into your home. Amazing modern lights and fixtures that are the finest are now easily available in a wide variety of styles. Whether you are looking for fashionable lighting fixtures, transitional or traditional ones with modernity, you are sure to find the right contemporary light fixture ( for you. Whether pendant for the foyer, a unique chandelier, bath light etc., the lighting fixture range at stores, allows you to pick the one that suits your unique modern style.

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Intro to LED High Bay Lighting: Best Applications

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With heavy industrialization, the energy consumption also has increased considerably. Today the industrial sector in the US consumes about 30% of energy generated, and there is a need to cut down on this consumption, by looking for alternatives, as the need for energy in other sectors is on the rise.

The industrial sector has a distinct lighting requirement from that of general commercial establishments or domestic requirements. Mostly, they need lighting fixtures that can offer brightness from 20 feet or more from above the ground; this requires more energy for the industrial lighting purposes. With the regular lighting fixtures on an average about 40% of the energy is consumed in an industry, and a refrigerated warehouse consumes about 15%.

Well, to reduce this heavy consumption of electricity by industries LED lighting fixtures have come into existence. These LED lighting helps reduce the energy consumption of these industries significantly, which could go up to 90% reduction in the energy consumption. LED high bay lights come with high intensity discharge fluorescent lights and offer better light than the traditional lighting fixtures. There are many advantages of LED high Bay lighting fixtures apart from saving electricity bills up to 80% consuming lesser amount of electricity, these lights lasts longer, do not heat up, as traditional lighting fixtures do, hence reduce the cost of air conditioning, etc. LED high bay lights glow immediately as against the flickering we see in traditional tube lights, also they throw light to a wide expanse not limiting the light to a narrow area, and it offers uniform brightness over the area it covers. Finally, LED high bay lighting fixtures are the most environment friendly fixtures available.

Intro to LED High Bay Lighting Best Applications

With so many advantages to their credit, no wonder LED high bay lights and wall pack light fixtures have become the most favored lighting fixtures for a variety of commercial, industrial, and even domestic purposes. Some of the applications of LED high bay lighting offering unmatched brightness in the modern commercial and industrial environments are:

•  Aerodromes: Aerodromes need lots of electricity for various functions, maintenance and cleaning of the flights, airplanes is one such important function that requires well lit conditions. High bay LEDs are the best option available for such environments. They offer maximum brightness from the top, as well as safety at ground level.

•  Huge Industrial Plants: Industrial plants require many of their functions performed in open areas around the clock; using traditional lighting fixtures for lighting requirements’ consumes lot of energy resulting in higher electricity bills. High bay LED is the perfect fit for such venues, as these lights offer brightness in a balanced way across a wider region.

•  Cold Storage Areas: Cold storage, lighting requirements are very tricky, as these places require ample lighting for the staff to function efficiently by, at the same time lighting should not heat up the environment. Traditional lighting fixtures, heat up the environments quickly and immensely this causes heavy energy consumption in order to keep the temperature under control. LED high bay lighting is the best fit, as they offer maximum brightness without actually heating up the surroundings.

•  Large warehouses and distribution centers: Proper illumination is required to maintain the stocks safely in large warehouses and distribution centers. LEDs are intelligent lighting systems, they can with the help of sensors automatically dim or completely turn off when there is no movement of people or employees in certain areas or aisles, thus reducing energy consumption.

•  Retail and commercial organizations: In the modern days, many retail outlets have huge set-up structures with many floors, levels selling all kinds of materials; they stock these goods in huge buildings with high roofs. High bay LEDs offer maximum advantage to such retail outlets by offering uniform brightness over a vast area with minimal energy consumption.

LED high bay light fixtures ( are the most favored lighting fixtures for many modern industrial and commercial enterprises, you can also see these fixtures illuminating the environment at places such as your neighboring gyms, stadiums, etc.

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Casablanca Fan Company – Step into the World of Stylish Indoor Ceiling Fans

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Enlighten your home décor with the magnificently crafted unique pieces of Casablanca ceiling fans that perfectly add a lustrous punch to the subtle abodes! The Casablanca Fan Company welcomes aboard all passionate home makers who believe in adding an artistic appeal to their everyday basics! Acknowledging the love of today’s modish & contemporary populace who wish to keep their homes as beautiful as it can be. The opulent color palette and carefully planned stylish indoor and outdoor ceiling fans are a true luxury to own and adorn your home with. These stylish pieces are a perfect pick, for the ones looking for best of ceiling fans. These chic, smart and contemporary objects, accurately enhance the aesthetic appeal your elegant homes. Not only do these fans bring in a fresh leash of breezy wind, but also add an air of richness & splendor to your exotic homes. Matching and blending in well with the interior, furnishing and décor around, the Casablanca ceiling fans are a sure thing.

Pick the best of the ceiling fans, that are fashionable pieces meant to add to the required tone, style & mood to your living space! Bring in an air of freshness and exquisite artwork for your home. Inspired by countless contemporary motifs and designs, the wide range of Casablanca ceiling fans also includes tastefully crafted blade designs, different number of blades and hues ranging from sheen to auburn! These are ultimate statement pieces that exude a classy appeal. Meant for the ones who wish to keep their interiors unique and one of its own kind, each of the indoor ceiling fan, turns out to be a great pick. Accented with adorable neutrals, metallic touch up, elegant texture, seamless edges, stylish trims, intricate artistry, mesmerizing hues and much more together, hat speaks volumes about the craftsmanship excellence! These masterpieces are fine tuned to perfection, each adding to the glory of your rooms.

Sure to come into notice, some of the best ceiling fans from Casablanca, are good enough to catch your fancy. These attention grabbers duly attract compliments from your guests. Each of them, creating a delicate add on to your home! Sophisticated, charming & style-worthy, the best of ceiling fans also serve as an amazing home décor option for the modish home fabricators. Scrub out the ordinary with exquisite conversation pieces or classic fans that highlight a delightful vintage look blended with a contemporary touch up. Pull off a casual affair, as you pick the perfect fitment out of the wide range of ceiling fans that are innovative and inspired attention grabbers for opulence-inspired homes! Play-up with the strikingly smart and elegant collection that is available with Casablanca Fan Company. Sure to steal the spotlight as a décor item it can be put to good use for that little extra pot of luxury and charm.

These efficiently and elegantly fuse in with your décor settings, offering each room the kind of lavish accessories, they demand. Pair these up with other lighting fixtures & elements for an exotic and striking look! Interestingly, the remarkable collection of these indoor ceiling fans is worth admiring. Wrapped up in pristine shades, metallic hues, antique gold, classy auburn and simplistic pastels, the ever leaks, timeless, well-appointed and graceful fans, by Casablanca are pieces, that will not only brilliantly deck-up your home, but will also bring an air of extravagance to your classy homes. These objects of art, must be added, to compliment your home furnishings & interiors like a beautiful dew drop settles on a soft leaflet. Inspired by various designs & patterns, the ceiling fans by Casablanca Fan Company offers decorative & innovative, inspired objects that are amazing conversation pieces. The stunning and impressive range of best of ceiling fans ( leaves your home brimming with style, elegance & class! Marking a private imprint of your personality & unique taste, each ceiling fan, adds an ultimate touch of glamour & attractive charm to your plush interiors.

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Why LED Track Lighting is Suitable for Museum and Art Gallery Lighting

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Track lighting itself is an art, it requires great creativity and imagination to arrange the lights in such a way that it gives the surroundings, and environs a sleek and glamorous look! Thus, track lighting for galleries is a big challenge, unlike lighting for homes, commercial purposes, to some extent- visitors of the gallery are meticulous about the finer points of art, and as such poor lighting may impact the presentation of art negatively and bring the gallery image to disrepute. Well, technology now offers improved varieties of LED track lighting for the benefit of museums, art galleries, and retail stores especially!

Why LED Track Lighting is Suitable for Museum and Art Gallery Lighting

The LED technology is not new, but their effectiveness of use in museums and galleries has been discovered and improved only recently. The curators of art galleries, museums have always faced the challenge of lighting, as improper lighting can destroy art. Some artwork is sensitive to lighting; curators faced the challenge of preserving the artwork under their supervision.

The artworks that have Mineral base – surfaces and pigments- can better withstand illumination and lighting than the ones that have an organic base of surfaces and pigments. This demands that the supervisors plan what objects to be displayed, for how long, and using the amount of illumination, etc. In addition, with continuous lighting some colors of the art may start to deteriorate over time. Intensity of light plays an important role in such cases, and intensity needs to be uniform at all times.

The regular incandescent lights we use for domestic purposes or the high bay lighting for commercial purposes, emit lot of Ultra Violet rays which can have a damaging effect on the art pieces; also these lights have a pronounced yellow hue, requiring some color filter installation to negate that effect on art work. Well, all this results in an increased expenditure for the gallery.

Some of the benefits of using led track lighting for galleries are:

•  The number one advantage of LED lighting is that it has a longer life span; a study reveals that keeping in time the working hours of an average museum LED track lighting can last for 17 long years, approximately 50,000 hours. A word of caution here is, using LEDs in enclosure with no scope for the heat to escape may cause their life span to cut short, on the other hand, if you use dimmers to reduce the illumination, these lights may last long. It also brings down the cost of maintenance goes down considerably for the galleries.

•  The important feature of an LED is that they do not emit ultra-violet rays, but only contain small portions of infra-red rays; this makes sure that the art pieces do not require additional filters for protecting the color, pigments, etc.

•  Environmental friendliness is one of the strong arguments in favor of LED lighting (, many companies; galleries are installing LED track lighting to reduce the carbon foot-print. LED lights do not contain any other substances that are toxic in nature such as mercury, also these lights are recyclable!

•  LED track lighting are easy to install almost anywhere you want, on walls, ceiling, rods, or beams.

With LED lighting you do not have to wait for the lights to turn on, as they light up faster than the incandescent lights that we use now. Thus, offering so many advantages both from a cost saving perspective, as well as adding value to the environs; LED track lighting is the technology for the future of lighting for the galleries!

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